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Atlas Of Human Anatomy

Atlas Of Human Anatomy
Ценa за : 68.00 лв.
Статус: нов
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Анатомия и Физиология

Кат. №: 371933
На склад: [Да]

ISBN: 9781910703007
Издателство: Chembarlen Press
Година на издаване: 2015
Размер:21/27/3см Обем: 736стр.
Корици: меки

Created for the general medical professional and the university student, and organized by categories and major systems, this anatomical atlas features high-definition colour illustrations created especially for the book, accompanied by precise texts with international anatomical terminology.
This book will be is useful to everybody that uses it and will constitute a good foundation to strengthen knowledge and answer many questions.

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Atlas Of Human Anatomy

Atlas Of Human Anatomy

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