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Repetitorium terminologicum medicinale

Repetitorium terminologicum medicinale
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Анатомия и Физиология

Кат. №: 300016
На склад: [Да]

ISBN: 9789544203030
Издателство: Медицина и физкултура
Автор:Ирена Станкова Година на издаване: 2013 г.
Обем: 144 стр.
Корицa: мекa

This repetitorium is a great learning tool for medical students. It is comprised of key anatomic and clinical terms, as well as general terms and diagnoses in both Latin and English. It is designed to improve your learning curve through the repetition of the studied terminology and the visual aid of selected pictures and diagrams.
In addition, the material is conveniently presented in individual sections, demonstrating the different systems of the human body and their organs and main parts.

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